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Inventory, Check in and Check Out can be instructed by a tenant as well as a landlord!

When the deposit scheme was introduced in 2007 it was focused on the landlord protecting their property against damage from the tenant. However, in many cases tenants want protection of their rights from Landlords, Tenants do not want to be blamed for damage not caused by themselves. There has therefore been a big rise in the number of jobs carried out by us for tenants - especially at the check out time.

Protect yourself with:

  • An inventory and schedule of condition – records the contents and condition of a property.

  • Check ins and check outs. We will check for changes between the signed inventory and the property at the end of your tenancy.

  • Interims – we will visit your property before your check out is due and go through it to ensure it is ready for your check out. Remember, you will not have time to make any changes at the check out and subsequently may be charged for work you could have carried out before hand.

To view a copy of our Inventory form click Here