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Inventory Services



Inventory Services: In Norwich

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) became Statute in April of 2007.

When a Tenancy ends and if there is a disagreement concerning the state of the property, issues regarding the return of the deposit to the tenant can be an unnecessary inconvenience to the Landlord, Agent and Tenant.

The TDS greatly reduces this problem by ensuring that:

A) The Tenant's deposit is protected throughout the Tenancy.

B) That it is returned quickly if there is no disagreement at the end of tenancy

C) If there is a dispute, it is resolved quickly, inexpensively, and impartially.

So now, more than ever, it is in all parties best interest to have a thorough inventory done by an independent inventory provider.

Property Inventories have been helping Landlords, Agents and Tenants to avoid disputes by providing independent and comprehensive inventories in a professional and friendly way.

Why Us?

Allowing us to take care of your Inventory needs provides you with several distinct benefits:

Create More Time

Our service gives you more time to concentrate on more urgent matters – we take care of everything from booking the appointment to delivering the Inventory to your premises.

Control Your Costs

Using Carolans Property Inventories for your Inventory management needs will cost you substantially less than employing a full time Inventory clerk, with consistent and reliable service.

Records Are Always Retained

We electronically store copies of all relevant Inventory paperwork – meaning you will always have quick access to any past inventories should you need them. With daily backups, all your reports are safe!


We put ourselves in yours and your clients shoes, We don't like to be let down, and therefore we do our best to be on time and prepared.

Attention to Detail

All damage will be noted and where we feel it is warranted, we will take a digital photograph for the report for future reference.

Any urgent matters will be brought to your attention as soon as possible.


We understand we are dealing with your clients, and we are your ambassadors.

Rapid Communication

We will always be in Contact with you when needed and will promptly confirm everything went ok.

We will deliver the report by post and email within 48 hours.

To view a copy of our Inventory form ClickHere